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preserving history

Stewards of the Sierra

The Conservancy

In 1969 the Huntington Lake Association realized "that without a heritage each generation starts over. Our lives are not stagnant, we are forever in motion. Events, perceptions, trait ions and beliefs are what often is the foundation of culture and history, that of which is our heritage." 

The Forest Service had intended the removal of the last remaining structure representing Forest Service history––the Billy Creek Guard Station, built in 1928, home to Orland Bartholomew. The Huntington Lake Association, through a partnership with the Frest Service, requested adoption of the buildings and thus created the Huntington Lake Historical Society. Upon adoption, a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation was formed, the Huntington Lake Big Creek Historical Conservancy.

Today the structures will be maintained to exhibit a "portrait in time." Photos, artifacts and narratives will tell the story of the Basin, as it was called in the early 1900s and onward.

Mission Statement

The mission of Huntington Lake Big Creek Historical Conservancy is to educate the general public on the natural, native Americans and socioeconomic history and hydroelectric contributions of the Huntington Lake and Big Creek communities. To restore, maintain and protect natural resources through education, provide public imperative facilities along with maintaining other historically significant building and sites; and to preserve the tradition of the Huntington Lake and Big Creek Hydroelectric System.

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